Liste de films et séries anglophones sous-titrés en français / List of anglophone movies and series subtitled in French


Anglophone TV shows:

- Marchlands 

Season 1, Ep. 3 and 4.
Marchlands is a five-part supernatural drama first shown on ITV in the United Kingdom on 3 February 2011, telling the story of three different families living in the same house at three different time periods, in 1968, 1987 and 2010. The three families are linked by the spirit of a young girl who died in mysterious circumstances in 1967. The first episode has the appearance of a ghost story spanning three different time periods and generations in a single house in Yorkshire.
Director: James Kent Production: ITV Productions, Independent Television (ITV) Writer: Stephen Greenhorn, David Schulner French subtitles : Nathalie Schon Cast : Starring Jodie Whittaker, Denis Lawson, Tessa Peake-Jones, Jamie Thomas King, Alex Kingston, Dean Andrews, Anne Reid, Shelley Conn...

Anglophone feature films:

  - Star Wars: Making-of

The Star Wars trilogy had the rare distinction of becoming more than just a series of movies, but a cultural phenomenon, a life-defining event for its generation. On its surface, George Lucas's original 1977 film is a rollicking and humorous space fantasy that owes debts to more influences than one can count on two hands, but filmgoers became entranced by its basic struggle of good vs. evil "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away," its dazzling special effects, and a mythology of Jedi Knights, the Force, and droids.In the first film, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) gets to live out every boy's dream: ditch the farm and rescue a princess (Carrie Fisher). 
Accompanied by the roguish Han Solo (Harrison Ford, the only principal who was able to cross over into stardom) and trained by Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness), Luke finds himself involved in a galactic war against the Empire and the menacing Darth Vader (David Prowse, voiced by James Earl Jones).
The following film, The Empire Strikes Back (1980), takes a darker turn as the tiny rebellion faces an overwhelming onslaught. Directed by Irvin Kershner instead of Lucas, Empire is on the short list of Best Sequels Ever, marked by fantastic settings (the ice planet, the cloud city), the teachings of Yoda, a dash of grown-up romance, and a now-classic "revelation" ending. The final film of the trilogy, Return of the Jedi (1983, directed by Richard Marquand), is the most uneven. While the visual effects had taken quantum leaps over the years, resulting in thrilling speeder chases and space dogfights, the story is an uneasy mix of serious themes (Luke's maturation as a Jedi, the end of the Empire-rebellion showdown) and the cuddly teddy bears known as the Ewoks.
The prequel trilogy , shot afterwards, traces the path of Anakin Skywalker from a young slave to a chosen Jedi apprentice to his transformation into the infamous Sith Lord, Darth Vader.

Production: Lucasfilm, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Directors : George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Dave Filoni, Richard Marquand
Writer: Lawrence Kasdan, George Lucas, Leigh Brackett
French subtitles : Nathalie Schon
Cast : Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness, Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, Jake Lloyd, Peter Cushing...                                                                                             

-  Damages

Damages is an American legal thriller television series created by the writing and production trio of Daniel Zelman and brothers Glenn and Todd A. Kessler (collectively known as KZK). It premiered on July 24, 2007 on FX and aired for three seasons before moving to the DirecTV channel Audience Network in 2010, where it aired for a further two seasons, concluding with the fifth season.
The series revolves around the brilliant, ruthless lawyer Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) and her protégée Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne). For the first few seasons the series centers around the law firm Hewes & Associates (located in New York City). Each season features a major case that Hewes and her firm take on, while also examining a chapter of the complicated relationship between Ellen and Patty. Later seasons center more on Patty and Ellen's relationship as Ellen begins to distance herself from Patty and begins to concentrate on her independent career.
Production: KZK Productions, FX Productions, Sony Pictures Television, Bluebush Productions, Gotham Music Placement
Directors : Todd A. Kessler, Matthew Penn, Timothy Busfield, Tate Donovan... Créée par: Daniel Zelman, Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler
French subtitles : Nathalie Schon
Cast : Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, Tate Donovan, Zachary Booth, Ted Danson... . . .    .

 - Extant 

Molly Woods, an astronaut with International Space-Exploration Agency (ISEA) is assigned a 13-month solo mission aboard space stationSeraphim. She returns home to her husband John, a robotics engineer who created their son Ethan, a prototype android called a "humanich". When Molly mysteriously becomes pregnant, she begins a search for answers. Opening introduction: (voice-over by Halle Berry): “I went to space on a 13-month solo mission. I didn't come home alone. My husband created a life-like android called a "Humanich". His name is Ethan: he's the prototype. This is a story about Earth, a story about family, a story about surviving..  

Production: Amblin Entertainment, CBS Television Studios
Directors : Allen Coulter, Matt Earl Beesley, Holly Dale, Paris Barclay, Dan Lerner, Adam Arkin, Christine Moore, Paul McCrane, Kevin Dowling, David Solomon, Miguel Sapochnik Créée par: Mickey Fisher
French subtitles : Nathalie Schon
Cast : Halle Berry, Goran Visnjic, Pierce Gagnon, Hiroyuki Sanada, Camryn Manheim, Grace Gummer, Michael O'Neill...

    .   - Californication  

When fast-living novelist Hank Moody left the literary haunts of New York for the pleasure seeking splendors of L.A, he thought he'd have fame, fortune and the love of a good woman. Now his personal life is in shambles, his career is on the brink of self-destruction and he still just can't stop yielding to every temptation. Golden Globe® winner David Duchovny stars in the Showtime Original series that takes you on a wild, witty, and sexy ride in the California fast lane.  

Season 7
Production: Amblin Entertainment, CBS Television Studios Director: Adam Bernstein Created by: Tom Kapinos
French subtitles : Nathalie Schon
Cast : David Duchovny, Natascha McElhone, Evan Handler, Madeleine Martin, Pamela Adlon

     . - Married with children: Making-of

The Bundys are a stereotypical "white trash" American family. Al is a shoe salesman who is fond of frequently reliving his doubtful 15 seconds of fame on the football field. Al is terrified of the all-to-frequent amorous advances his ditsy wife Peggy, a woman who must spend most of Al's wages at the salon and the mall. They have two children: Kelly, the stunning but superficial party animal, and Bud, who is too wrapped up in himself to realize his goal of "scoring" with a girl.

Production: Embassy Television, ELP Communications, Columbia Pictures Television.
Directors : Gerry Cohen, Linda Day , Amanda Bearse...
Created by: Ron Leavitt, Michael G. Moye
French subtitles : Nathalie Schon
Cast : Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal, Amanda Bearse, David Faustino, Christina Applegate, Ted McGinley, David Garrison... . .

  - Storm Hawks

 Storm Hawks is set in a fantastical world where squadrons of high-flying Sky Knights battle to protect their air turf. Five mismatched teens have found the wreckage of legendary sky knight squadron The Storm Hawks, and now, armed with transforming flying motorcycles, these punks are dog-fighting some of the nastiest villains ever to hit the skies. Too young for fear (or a pilot's license), the new Storm Hawks are burning rubber and cracking rudders on a tailspin adventure that will take your breath away... or just make you lose your lunch! Production: Nerd Corps Entertainment, Storm Hawks 

Productions, YTV
Directors : Gerry Cohen, Linda Day , Amanda Bearse...
Created by: Asaph Fipke Designers: Vangelis Christou, Alicia Lumb, Peter De Tina, Erin Miller, Derek Toye, Jun Kumagai, Kierston Lee Vande Kraats, Colin Lorimer, Roland Sanchez, Peter Ricq...
French subtitles : Nathalie Schon
Cast : Chiara Zanni, Sam Vincent, Colin Murdock, Scott McNeil, Matt Hill... .

- Bobby Deerfield

   Al Pacino's character in the first two Godfather films was a man increasingly drawn into himself, pulling an entire family history and legacy along with him into a personal oblivion. Pacino's performance as the titular race car driver in Sydney Pollack's Bobby Deerfield also suggests a fellow adrift in his own company, his very profession underscoring isolation behind the wheel at top speeds. Living with his French lover (Anny Duperey), Deerfield's solipsism (perfectly captured in a dream sequences in which he appears almost autistic) begins to crack when he meets and falls for a dying woman (Marthe Keller). Emerging from his shell just as she is fading away, both the irony of the situation and Deerfield's first experience with real love wake our hero from his spiritual slumber. Pollack's attempt at a mainstream art-house movie didn't entirely work, and critics have been brutal on both its serious aspirations and Pacino's locked-down performance. But there is something in the film that convincingly suggests a yearning for passion and experience even at the great cost of loss, and Pacino's portrayal of a man who steps out of his car and onto the collective bus of ordinary sorrow is rather moving. --Tom Keogh

  Production: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Warner Bros, First Artists.
Director : Sydney Pollack
Writers: Alvin Sargent (screenplay), Erich Maria Remarque (book)
French subtitles : Nathalie Schon
Cast: Al Pacino, Marthe Keller, Anny Duperey... . .

- Kings of South Beach 

Based on the true story of a Miami Beach nightclub owner who takes a young employee under his wing, while trying to avoid bankruptcy and the mafia. Chris Troiano runs South Beach (greater Miami)'s most popular nightclub, a recreational goldmine. Fellow New York immigrant Andy Burnett quickly rises from bouncer on trial to Troiano's trusted security chief and right hand. Thus he slowly discovers the club's entanglement with both the Russian mafia and domestic mob king Allie Boy, obviously involved in murders and arson. Andy is in fact an undercover cop, but risks losing trust with all superiors, except his immediate chief, so a trap must urgently be set. Written by KGF Vissers

Production: Grosso-Jacobson Communications. Director : Tim Hunter Writers: Nicholas Pileggi
French subtitles : Nathalie Schon
Cast: Donnie Wahlberg, Jason Gedrick, Steven Bauer...

- Ourhouse

A mysterious male form has appeared in the front room of the bohemian Maddox-Wilson family home. The imposing figure is a looming, white-haired man wearing a white tracksuit and trainers. It barely moves. The family does not recognise it as a human being. They refer to it as ‘The Object’ and struggle for words in its presence. The Object’s inanimate appearance is superficial; it is able to control language inside the house. At night The Object appears in the library where it begins to eat and regurgitate the family’s books. The specific pages The Object consumes affect the story; the family is forced to play out different episodes under the influence of the books The Object has been eating.

Production: NOMAD
Director : Nathaniel Mellors
Writer: Nathaniel Mellors
French subtitles: Nathalie Schon
Cast: Richard Bremmer, Gwendoline Christie, Johnny Vivash, David Birkin, Benedict Hopper, Brian Catling, Patrick Kennedy, Buffy Davis, Richard Bremmer, Roger Sloman, Johnny Vivash Christos Lawton, Ryan Ellsworth, Jamie Baughan, Honeysuckle Weeks, Isamaya P., Christiane Stroubakis, Zoe Lavelle, Barry Coffen .

 -  Katinkas kalas

A small group of friends are gathered at Katinka's summer house to celebrate her birthday. The guests are all in their thirties, upper class, art world, liberal humanitarian bohemians. They sit on the floor smoking amongst books, antiques and modern art. The party sets off on a high note, when suddenly during dinner, two new guests arrive. Linda, a blonde game show hostess, is unexpectedly brought to the party by Katinka's brother. Linda is greeted warmly at first, her brusque and liberated manners are entertaining and fresh. But during the course of the evening Linda stretches the groups invisible social rules of hospitality. Contempt starts to grow, thus unfolding the groups hidden prejudices.

Production: Filmlance International AB
Director : Levan Akin
Writers: Levan Akin, Lisa Östberg
French subtitles: Nathalie Schon
Cast: Mia Mountain, Ludde Hagberg, Anitha Flink, Aron Flam, Lisa Östberg , Ulrika Ellemark, Fredrik Lundqvist, Yohanna Idha, Anna Håkansson.

- Silenced voices 

Journalists in Sri Lanka risk life and limb to practice their profession. Lasantha Wickrematunge was one of these champions. He was gunned down by eight men in broad daylight in the capital, Colombo. His newly wed and now widowed wife, Sonali Samarasinghe, had to arrange her bridegroom’s funeral only a few days after the wedding. Besides being editor-in-chief of the critical newspaper The Morning Leader, Wickrematunge was also a fierce opponent of the Sri Lankan government. As a lawyer and journalist, his wife worked closely with him; the government forced her to leave the country not long after his killing. Since that time, Samarasinghe has been fighting for justice from her base in New York. Sri Lanka is one of the most perilous countries in the world for journalists. According to official sources, nearly 25 journalists have been killed there since 1992, at least 10 of whom were deliberately targeted by suspected government or opposition Tamil Tiger forces. Director Beate Arnestad tells the story of the civil war in Sri Lanka based on the stories of journalists living in exile. She seeks out various reporters who risk their lives over and over to highlight the human rights violations taking place in their homeland.